Rajesh Wadhwa

Go Make Something Happen!

đź•‘ 03/12/21

Productivity is a fair weathered friend, at best.

Sometimes it’s with you, holding your hand, moving you along while singing Margaritaville.  Other times it’s hungover (most likely from said margarita’s) and can’t get out of bed in the morning. Productivity is now an agent of evil, called procrastination. Now is the time to get up, lose the agent of evil, and “Go Make Something Happen!”.

Recently, I sent out a short â€śRebellion” newsletter on procrastination. I know, an odd topic for a “Learning Rebel” to talk about. I mean shouldn’t I be talking about the “Death of Instructional Design” like everyone else right now? Perhaps. But what I’m stuck on is not great instructional design models or clever content design elements – but the fact that we are worried about good being great. This can be a poison thought holding us all back. Can’t okay be good enough? Is it important that the next learning design element – be it a participants guide, worksheet, or video be perfect? Are your end-users willing to wait for perfect to get their jobs done? I would say, probably not.


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